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Speed Gates

Pedestrian speed gates are a reliable and secure way of managing the entry and exit of pedestrians from buildings and secure areas. As global industry leaders in gate automation, BFT pedestrian access control products have a global reputation for excellence. Our pedestrian barrier gates are designed for fast, dynamic access whilst ensuring the highest security. Aesthetically pleasing and hard-wearing, our turnstiles are suitable for corporate environments. Pedestrian Speed Gates can help to control and limit access for visitors whilst providing easy access for employees either with a simple swipe card system or facial recognition technology.


Our pedestrian speed gate range includes:

  • Turnstile gates

  • Hinged flap gates 

At BFT we provide our installer customers with dedicated technical support. We also design our pedestrian speed gate range to be technically intuitive and simple to install. If you are having any issues with installation, why not download our instruction manuals or contact us to receive a quote for our access control speed gates.

  • PG127 Speed Gate

    PG127 Speed Gate

    The PG127 double leafed paddle gate provide safe, high speed, bi-directional pedestrian throughput, with an elegant and sophisticated look, essential for today’s corporate environment. Security 6 high level IR detection sensors are used to monitor...

  • PG300 speed gate

    PG300 speed gate

    Speed Gates provide a fast, dynamic and secure way to manage your entrance control. The slim design PG300 paddle leafed speed gate is made with safe transparent plexiglass available in a range of optional glass heights and lane widths. They are easy to...

  • RG100 speed gate

    RG100 speed gate

    Our RG100 series of retractable leafed gates are designed to provide optimum pedestrian throughput but in an elegant, sophisticated and discreet manner, essential for today's corporate environment. When installed in conjunction with any access control...

  • SG100 speed gate

    SG100 speed gate

    The SG100 series of swing gates complements our range of entrance gates and turnstiles, providing emergency exit whilst allowing access for people with reduced mobility and large bulky items. The SG100 can be used alone or as a master/slave system and...

  • SGR speed gate

    SGR speed gate

    The SGR is a secure and safe swing gate which has been specifically designed to offer a cost-effective alternative to other speed gates typically used in controlling access to gyms, education and office environments. The Swing Gate SGR 900 features a...

  • TT300 speed gate

    TT300 speed gate

    The TT300 modular design tripod turnstile offers, cost-effective, fast operating, easy to use, reliable entrance control solution for internal or external use in areas where there is a large and constant flow of people. The modular construction with...